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Tokyo Majin download links!

First Act

Episode One
Episode Two
Episode Three
Episode Four
Episode Five
Episode Six
Episode Seven
Episode Eight
Episode Nine
Episode Ten
Episode Eleven
Episode Twelve
Episode Thirteen
Episode Fourteen

Second Act

Episode One
Episode Two
Episode Three
Episode Four
Episode Five
Episode Six
Episode Seven
Episode Eight Torrent (raw)
Episode Nine (raw)
Episode Ten (raw)
Episode Eleven (raw)
Episode Twelve (raw)

If any of the links die, let me know and I'll get them back up as soon as possible! Also, if anyone wants to mirror these anywhere, let me know, and I'll not only add links, I'll also love you forever.

(I'd also love it if people let me know if they're downloading!)


Name: Houraiji Kyouichi
Hair: Brown, messy, and often spikey. IN SOME OF HIS ICONS you may notice it looks less spikey, because gets a new character design in the second act.
Eyes: Brown
Weight: ...we don't have canon for this shit UHHH I WILL MAKE SOMETHING UP LATER.

Medical Info: HEALTHY TEENAGE SHOUNEN RETARD, i.e. has his share of bruises and scars, but is otherwise fine.

Physical traits: He's always using his bokuto, so he's got a swordsman's build. Slouches a lot. Sometimes when using his Dragon Veins powers, his eyes go all white, and he gets red/black stripes across his face, hands, and body.

What's Okay To Mention Around Him/Her: ANYTHING IS GOOD! He's taken from the end of Second Act, Episode 10, and while there are two episodes after that, that's technically the latest point in canon, so there aren't any spoilers to beware of. And he won't believe you if the "lol fiction" thing comes up.

Abilities: Kyouichi's been trained with his bokuto since he was a little kid, so he's damn good with it. He always has it on him, too.
ALSO DRAGON VEINS! Supernatural power-up that awakened in Kyouichi, Tatsuma, Daigo, Aoi, and Sakurai. Basically they make their abilities even more awesome. He'll activate it on his bokuto by biting into his thumb and smearing blood down it.
...I am still too lazy to go into much detail. THIS STATS/PERM POST IS A WORK IN PROGRESS, OBVIOUSLY.

ALSO I DON'T KNOW WHERE ELSE TO PUT THIS and it's more a lack of an ability, but Kyouichi has this. special habit. Of mixing up words. He calls Anko "Parapazzi" instead of "Paparazzi", and says things like "recording passion" instead of "recording session". SO I WILL MIX UP WORDS IN HIS COMMENTS SOMETIMES, AND IT'S IC no this is not just an excuse for me to say dumb shit and not have to edit the comment IF YOU'RE UNSURE OF IF I MEANT TO DO IT ON PURPOSE OR NOT, PING ME.

Notes for the Psychics: uhhhhhhh idk THE DRAGON VEINS MIGHT PING SOME PEOPLE with demonic/spiritual power pings? i am not sure. OTHER THAN THAT his brain is, as Mukuro puts it: "gay for tatsuma gay for tatsuma, retarded, gay for tatsuma" also with a side order of ramen and kicking your ass.

Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: If you're violent to him, you will get violence'd back. In the face. With a big wooden stick. Bodyswaps and all are great, just ping me to arrange it!

Hugging/Kissing/Other non-violent physical contact: If you're annoying about it, he'll shove you off. But he gets pretty touchy-feely with Tatsuma, so, he's probably chill with it if you're his boyfriend a friend.

Maim/Murder/Death: MAIMING IS ABSOLUTELY FINE! Murder and death.... ehhh. WE WILL TALK, IF IT COMES UP?

Cooking: ...Not so much, no.


App Post

Your Name/Alias: Rachia
Age: 21
Character: Houraiji Kyouichi
Series: Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou: Tou
Character Age: 18
Canon: Tokyo Majin is the heartwarming story of how a lonely and mysterious transfer student finds friendship. Or it's the supernatural tale of how mysterious powers known as Dragon Veins awaken in a group of high school students who then use their newfound abilities to kick some serious demon ass on a nightly basis. Sometimes, it's even the tale of how to forgive your enemies by giving them strawberry milk and not minding when they bounce it violently off your face, but mostly it's those first two.

One of the students in the aforementioned group is Houraiji Kyouichi, possibly the most infamous of delinquents in Magami High School. Picked up off the streets and raised by a swordsman (along with a club full of drag queens), Kyouichi is always seen carrying his bokuto (wooden sword). That, paired with his bad attitude, makes it pretty unsurprising that the first time he met his best friend, the transfer student Hiyuu Tatsuma, he immediately started a fight with him in the middle of their classroom. It's also probably no surprise that he often claims some illness as a reason to leave school just before leaping out the window of his classroom to go fight with rival gangs.This likely has a good deal to do with why he's got some of the poorest grades in his class, frequently mixes up words - like "parapazzi" instead of "paparazzi" - and is generally just not the brightest bulb on the tree, but we won't hold that against him. But for all that he is a badass dude who'll get in your face and call you names (like "man-woman", the nickname he gives to the captain of the girls' archery team), he also genuinely cares about his friends, and would go all the way to Hell and back to save them.


Ehhh, summer classes really are the worst! Such a waste of time... At least getting sent to a camp beats sittin' in school all day long, even if I'd rather lok at the girls' swimming pool than your creepy-ass lake. I'm not sure what exactly you're supposed to be teaching me here, either. I figured, summer camp in America, I'd be taking extra English lessons. Not "Dress to Impress: Becoming a Sweet Transvestite". Didn't think Magami required courses on dressin' like a girl. The least they could do is hire a teacher who knows his ...her? stuff. Seriously, I've known enough cross dressers in my life to know a bad drag job when I see one. Even that man-woman Sakurai is a more convincing chick than you, teach! Forget callin' yourself a lady, you're just a big ugly Godzilla in a bad wig. ...a gorilla? Right, that's exactly what I said!

Hey now, what's this? Even a gang all the way out here's heard of me? Looks like that's my cue. Sorry, Godzilla-chan! I'd love to stay and help you demonstrate the proper technique for putting on stockings, but I've got a stomachache, so I'll be leaving early today. And hey, speaking of stomachaches, just looking at you sorry punks is making me sick! What kinda gang are you if you can't keep it together enough to lift a weapon without falling to pieces? And I mean that literally! It's no good if your arm falls off halfway through swinging your... turkey baster? You still managed to get some of whatever that creamy shit was in my eye, but come on! Are you guys even fighting seriously? Just watch me, taking you all out's gonna be a piece of cake!

...I really didn't mean that literally, but at least a food fight would explain the turkey baster. If that's how it's gonna be, then take this! Ha! One handful of spaghetti flying through the air, and your ringleader's down for the count! Too easy! ...is that spaghetti hugging his face? Now for the rest of you... I should've guessed that you can't even stand up to some measly soup! Whaddya mean, "using Tuesday's leftovers ain't fair"? Wasting perfectly good food's bad enough, but leftovers may as well get used up! But if this stuff's just from Tuesday, then I'd hate to see it fresh. Unless the flesh rotting off your faces is all you, of course.

Well, now that that's taken care of, where'd that cake go? --Erk! Godzilla-chan! What a lovely apron that is... and you have one for me, too. Great. What's this, I'm signed up for an advanced lesson? "Barefoot in the Kitchen: Home Economics for the Modern Female Impersonator". ...I really hate summer classes.